Quick Tip of Social Media Platforms for Business

Are you overwhelmed and confused by social media? Twit-who? You-how? Face-what? Link-what? If your business is new on the website and need to have the best social media networks to rule over, here is a post on the best social media platforms.

Facebook Quick tips

Facebook should be used by any type of business. It should be used to share events, adds and content • Should be updated once to twice a dayYou need to promote or market your business on your Facebook page, but don’t make it look like a promotion. Inspire shares and conversations and be sure to ask a few questions. Of all social media platforms, Facebook is best equipped to share responses, ask questions or start a conversation. These answers then appear in pals’ of your respondents, thus spreading your product.

Twitter Quick tips

Twitter should be used by all businesses • It is good for starting, joining or even leading conversations, and interacting with brands as well as customers. • Should be updated a few times a dayTwitter is the leading democracy of the social sharing world. Personality, brevity and relevancy are essential to making your voice heard – you can only get them in Twitter.

Google+Quick tips

• Google+ should be used by businesses that are already on other social networks, bloggers and B2B networking.• It should be used to share more professional and formal content than Facebook• Should be updated once or twice a dayGoogle+ is an alternative to Facebook and SEO and keywords are vital to its appeal. You should link content from your website to Google+ in order to boost your traffic.

LinkedInQuick tips

• LinkedIn should be used by B2B service providers, job-seekers as well as recruiters• It should be used to share company descriptions, employee or employer research and job-postings• Should be updated 2 to 4 times a weekLinkedIn is the online version of traditional fashioned networking. Connecting to people is the key to a successful business. LinkedIn can keep any type of business description, profile page as well employees contacts. Ensure that your employees are professional, on-brand and appropriate with LinkedIn.

Instagram Quick tips

• Instagram should be used by luxury brands, food, fashion, lifestyle and personalities businesses• It should be used to share visual content • Should be updated once per dayInstagram invites posts with visual content into their subscribers’ zone-out time. Therefore, you should generate and post your content accordingly.

YouTube Quick tips

• YouTube should be used by any business sharing expertise or offering explanations and brands with video ads and content• It should be used to share short videos content• Should be updated once or twice a week YouTube videos features highly in Google search because it is one of its products.

Pinterest Quick tips

• Pinterest should be used by design, food, fashion, DIY and travel businesses• It should be used to share visual as well as creative content• Should be update updated a few times per dayPinterest favors the recent content more than any other social media platform. It categories contents according to brands and thus it is one of the best platforms for sharing content.There you have it. Some of the top social media platforms for all type of businesses small or large.

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